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Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to the" MUSE " :  our pure Feminine aspect, Mirrors of our Gratitude, the INTUITION and Co-creation. The Sacred Yin Beyond cultures and genders - We are naturally linked with our innate nurturing innovative..

Deep within.. are memories of "our real life"… a timeless beauty before birth & after death.. beyond the veils of the restricted physical duality… Access this simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE. “ JL

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Soul-Travelers  High Light

Soul Seekers
The soul essence within our DNA and the elevated cosmic energies, connect us to our star/galactic lineage. Leaving one space, dimension and frequency and experiencing
a new level - emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. This is Higher Self... via the different dimensions, incarnations, planets and Rays of Creation.
The awakening by the nudging / whisperings of your Soul Self. Think of telepathic communication with the Beings of the Higher Realms, as receiving Memory Seed Atoms.
Perfecting this, releases you from entropy and decay, so that you may slowly begin the process of rejuvenation and co-creative mastery.

Activating more strands of DNA, 'dormant' until now, is when you empower the vibrations. Therefore the reality of that which you focus upon. And as Earth orbits in successively lighter energy planes..
in her ascension course along with Feminine Energy of harmony, is emerging. Direct your energy to visualizing Earth immersed in White Light.
Read more on my FB-page ( from Shekina, Matthew, R. Herman, A. Albers ,)

Shift of Paradigm & The Second Lemuria ~ Galactic Seeds & The Quantum You Matthew, R. Herman

Woman of Mu
Your DNA has source codes that link to your spirit. As you come together in the heart energy, you step up into a higher vibration.
In Lemuria and Atlantis you promised that never again you would be divided.. Create that sacred space, use it to re-balance and rejuvenate
and then ground this higher light .. to lift all of humanity up. Simple, kind interactions help set up the network all over the planet.
There are worlds upon worlds.. and The One became many.. to explore all that it could become. Your vibration dictates what part of the “buffet of human experience” you will experience.
"I AM through my thoughts and actions emitting a vibration thatwill draw elements to me that match my vibration.”

If you don’t want to be in the storms, imagine and focus upon peaceful andcalm weather. You are happiest when you are being your most loving self.
If everyone were to focus on what they love, the best of the human race would emerge.
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The Light-Shift and the DNA Activation - Planetary Reboot - - Breathe more light!

When you take a peek beyond the veil and breathe more light
+ The more you love that feeling of peace, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify peace & Beauty in your world.
"Light Cities are deep in construction, manifesting on the physical plane through the passions and precision of trailblazers and light bearers.
The pandemic is Fear. The cure is self care with self love. The right to choose is at the heart of the game. Human Rights reflect the Laws of the Universe, the sacred sovereignty of every BEing birthed into the grand game.
All are being offered choices every day, every moment, every present moment of quantum time. We seek to ensure choice in truth, authenticity, honesty in each soul's heart.
And to guide support and love every one of you as you travel across interdimensional fields towards the Light. The hearts and souls of humankind are gemstones of crystalline light in the multi verse.
Creative, passionate sparks of Source Light are held deep inside each human soul, the Great Awakening is the activation of this spark.
Power is with the people, peace is the path, expansion of thought, idea and concept is the intention.
Remain grounded. Discernment is the key out of the dark storms. Expand with Meditation by raising the consciousness. Understand the power of Gratitude, it is the subatomic cure dissolving fear into light.
Gratitude is the Medicine for all wounded hearts, battered souls... turning all that is negative into positive. "
~ the Arcturian Awakening5DHealing. . . Read more on my FB-page

Keepers of the Lighthouses

Keepers of the Lighthouses & Navigating Multiple Dimensions
"You are not what you have been conditioned, or brought up to believe you are.. you are the Supreme Self, Use your time to confirm that.
The person is a complex vibration, and you are not merely a person! The person is like a costume or a body that we wear for some time
You need nothing to be happy but you need something to be sad. You are awakening from this long sleep of person hood intothe bright awareness itself.
Pay attention to which sees the mind and when you drop all your ideas, fantasies and projections about who you are..
and remain completely empty - This is freedom. ”
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Vibration & Resonance

You are learning that no force on this earth, no person, no virus, no substance.. has more power over you than the power of your own belief.
Simply! do not allow that which you don’t want, into your field. As what you focus upon with love is your reality… what you love.. you empower
The world around us changes as a result of self transformation. The ripples of your love will see beautiful changes on this planet
No matter what occurs outside of you.. It's about staying centered within a high vibration.

Light forces surrounded Earth now with a protective grid of high vibrations but.. until people are psychologically ready to see spacecraft landing in numbers and to greet unusual looking beings.
Only when the meeting can be welcoming, with no fear.. On that joyous occasion, you will meet other members of our universal family.
Read more on my Facebook ( from A. Wainwright, Matthew and A. Albers )


Dimensional Merge: our quantum reality... that fuels a beautiful future

"The Change in Time" has created the perfect conditions for a dimensional merge. With a higher consciousness moving in... your vibration has risen and the Feminine is not willing to tolerate the old ways.
There are different "you’s" experiencing life in different ways,making different choices... They’re all the same you, experiencing different things. As time alters, it aligns all dimensions.
When the masculine/feminine achieves balance, the dimensions begin to merge.

As planet Earth is shifting…Adjusting social systems for Higher Vibrational Life to bring back parts of yourself and integrate them from the other dimensions of time and space...
You will start to feel less density, even though there is much difficulty and challenge, there is a quiet energy rising up. The feminine energy is subtle, not overbearing... it draws power from Harmony."
You'll make decisions from direction in the universe. It is done by four simple linesof vibrational integrity: " what you think, how you act, what you feel and what you believe."
The beautiful energies on Earth have now shifted and opened a door to create a new realm.

By simply enjoying your here and now – you allow Divine Love to flood through you and out into your world... thus becoming more creative in the quantum reality.
As it is your dreams that fuel a beautiful future.
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" Let The Sunshine In " ~ Golden Age of Aquarius

You come from civilizations where only joy, kindness, honesty, gratitude and all higher vibrations. Including the thrill at seeing Nature’s spectacular beauty.
You came to manifest the better world - Remember - A change is in human nature, by wanting to see better things on your news, you'll demand them to give us a balance that we haven't seen before.
Entering the 5th D… The Crystalline Grid.. that is designed to remember the vibration of humanity… your future contains the crystalline grid that only remembers Beauty, Compassion, events that create joy and love.
One is focused on the outer reality. The other is focused on the inner reality. The divisions between are increasingly apparent. In one, the outside world affects you. In the other, you affect the outside world.
Embrace your own joy from moment to moment. Strive to think thoughts that give you good feelings.
The quality of your life is never dependent upon external things and situations, but rather how you respond to them. When your energy is collectively creating an inner peace, a powerful wave of change sweeps upon your planet earth.
Imagine a world where Mother Nature and humans are inspiring nurtured and respected. Imagine... for you are the midwives of a new emerging reality.
For in that reality, you become aligned with the power that creates universes.
Read more on my Facebook ( from A. Albers, Matthew and Kryon )


Planetary Transition Team

Sometimes truth is simple. We are made of nothing less than the Divine that chose to experience itself in all forms.
We are “Source" seeking a harmonious dance within all parts of Self.. diving inward, being present to beauty or embracing silence as we simply breathe.
Now is the opportunity to intuitively remind of our purpose and reason for being on earth during this critical time. Co-creators of our experiences in the physical plane of Earth …
all projected onto the atomic substance of physical matter, as our life-force flows and picks up the vibrations of our consciousness and expresses those vibrations in visible experiences and circumstances.
What I think about, where I focus my feelings and energy ...
I am bringing into form. Trying to change physical conditions without changing our consciousness is.. like trying to change the reflection in a mirror without changing the object causing the reflection.
Subtly at an atomic-cellular level, this process is being greatly acceleratedthru Transfiguration codes within our DNA and new matrix for our divine body template.

While karmic energies are clearing up fast… The high frequency of the central sunlight is triggering a mass awakening of the beings on Earth.
Every cell in your body is being completely re-coded in the most galacticand divine way by this powerful incoming 5d light.
Read more on my Facebook ( from A.Albers, P.C.Robles and 5dEarthProject )

In the Sunrise of Awakenings

The fabric of Everything is Beauty and our reaction to seeing the beauty is love.
As transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.Go to a place of meditation and zero point. Stop everything. When you do, your intuition is free to come in and says,“Oh my! – I see from my own soul.. across the veil."
It often speaks to you through the sunsets and the time alone. It will tell you the truth. The planet is in reboot mode right now.. New ideas will abound.
Read more on my Facebook ( from Dr Zack and Kryon )


To See the Beauty in All Things… the way of Recovery & Discovery

Bubble Universes
When you think a new thought, entertain a new dream, or mentally choose a new goal... your thoughts "leave" you and go out - in every direction -
to the farthest corners of the planet. They carry a life force of their own, like ripples created when a pebble is tossed into a pond. You can't change this, but you can totally make
good use of it. Think good thoughts. ~ Tut The Universe
An open heart can heal, for in each open heart the Divine findsan open window through which it can pour Love into your lifeand into the entire human race.
~ A. Albers
Improvement is the natural flow of Life. What possibilities do you perceive in the unknown future?..
~ J.Price - Read more on my Facebook

“Going forward into a New Reality”

"What reality do I dream for my world and my family of human beings?” - The questions will bring forth answers from your Soul
– answers that can shift the course of your existence into a higher and happier reality. Consider "going forward into a new reality."
This planet permanently crossed the threshold into the crystalline fields of the fifth dimensional New Earth. Severing the cords that kept us attached to old human template.
Allowing Frequencies creating and activating the Transfiguration into new Light codes and a much-needed healing.
Read more on my Facebook ( from P.Cota Robles and A. Albers )

It’s our Immensity of Being!

Water Lights
From the depths of the oceans... we are bubbles of Light rising. Slowly or fast… Going within…in this inner sovereign space.. beyond judgements… that set us free!
It’s our Immensity of Being!
We incarnated for Creating Heaven on Earth… each one with a simple but unique skill to offer. Combined with the Universe’s Law of Attraction. It’s about matching our vibration to the New Earth.

Earth Day

Our Planet is on the Verge of Evolution.
All events occur on multiple levels of reality….and there is always a Higher Plan!


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Golden Goddess

Dragon Wave


Honey from our beehive with all the magic nectar from the flowers and vegetables that keep us healthy... a big MAHALO to Nature and our gardeners.

At our place here ...Many bees are buzzing on the flowers… their sounds and dances uplift our heart and soul.
And so, what type of magic is expanding outside the hive … beyond the sweet elixir building up inside.
What is the relationship, network and patterns between the nectar of flowers and all life around?
How does the collective unconscious of the hive effect or causes changes on the surroundings?
How can we view Life, Love and Creation from a greater Cosmic mind or mind of One?
The paradox of living on Earth is that this "Sacredness" is not only in our imagination, hearts, and illuminations,
it is also everywhere in Nature, in our gardens, our flowers, our fruits, our walks, our swims,
our relationships, and our play...

when we can consciously enter "Nothingness"
this rich void in "Inner Peace" is at once emptiness and also all that ever was and will be,
the unseen blueprints, the absolute force, this vital Energy and Timeless-Spaceless Holographic World…
All these little earthy things are Entrances into the magic of Life :
like a simple drop of water holding the secret of where we come from, who we truly are and where we are going!
... the world is within me as much as I am in this world ...
now is when & where our perception expands to realize our connection to the essence of ONE-ness !
that is a way to INFINITY!

"Enjoy the New Earth and thank you for helping creating it - Jean-Luc"

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